How to get free CSGO Skins
(2020 Updated)

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Step 2: Earn Points

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Chroma Pin

4804.2 points

Valeria Phoenix Pin

23199.9 points

Guardian Elite Pin

13826.1 points

Dust Ii Pin

7313.4 points

Bravo Pin

2493.9 points

Brigadier General Pin

8542.5 points

Office Pin

1922.7 points

Howl Pin

19614.6 points

Cache Pin

4998 points

Inferno Pin

1749.3 points

Aces High Pin

5314.2 points

Phoenix Pin

2978.4 points

Overpass Pin

2029.8 points

Mirage Pin

2442.9 points

Victory Pin

2769.3 points

Cobblestone Pin

2789.7 points

Bloodhound Pin

4161.6 points

Hydra Pin

2244 points

Easy Peasy Pin

2386.8 points

Wildfire Pin

2096.1 points

Militia Pin

1086.3 points

Italy Pin

1122 points

Baggage Pin

1167.9 points

Tactics Pin

1688.1 points