How to get free CSGO Skins
(2020 Updated)

Step 1: Make a free account

Step 2: Earn Points

Step 3: Get Your Pass Skins


Free Skin Type

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Search Pass

There are many types of players nowadays. Some of them want to play games in offline, few people plays as usual online games not any fixed games and rest of players love to play most popular trending online gaming.

There are lots of popular trending online games in 2020 including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Fortune and many more.

When you are planning to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) then you should know the statistics of this game. According to Steamcharts.com, there are 426,080.8 players plays CSGO in November 2019 and the number of players increasing day by day because of its huge popularity.

Operation Vanguard Access Pass

14222.2 points

Operation Payback Pass

10278.2 points

Operation Bravo Pass

6033.3 points

Operation Phoenix Pass

3384.7 points

Operation Hydra Access Pass

368.9 points


CS: GO have a large number of official maps. For the Casual mode, it has 4 different maps including Dust II, Delta, Sigma and Hostage Group. Every single map is the probably best-known map to its players.

Weapons, Skins and Others

CS: GO have weapons, equipments, skins and combat purchase system. Newcomer’s players will face few difficulties to purchase its skins. To complete Counter Strike all rounds, surely you need to purchase its weapons, equipments. Don’t worry you don’t spend any money to get CSGO Skins; you can get CSGO Skins free by completing easy offers or survey.

CS: GO Skins Giveaway

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