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Stoneshard Belt

3.4 points

Drape Of Bird S Stone

3.4 points

Chained Beauty

3.4 points

Belt Of Broken Scale

10.2 points

Scythe Of Twin Deaths

5.1 points

Storm Stealer S Armor

3.4 points

Sinister Lightning

93.5 points

Rune Forged Staff

3.4 points


8.5 points

Taunt Make It Rain

40.8 points

Battle Glory Kill Banner

11.9 points

Emerald Frenzy Helmet

3.4 points

Phasma Phasmatis Belt

3.4 points

Araceae S Tribute Hair

3.4 points

Style Of The Wild Wind

3.4 points

Iceforged Bracers

3.4 points


6.8 points

Arms Of Eldritch Gnarl

3.4 points

Pale Augur

64.6 points

Bow Of The Battleranger

13.6 points

Mark Of The First Hunt

13.6 points

Ol Chopper S Choppin Arm

3.4 points

Armlets Of Command

3.4 points