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Genuine Style Of Prophecy

20 points

Genuine Wing Of The Astrorock

62.5 points

Genuine Guard Of Basilius

25 points

Genuine Cuffs Of Quas Precor

17.5 points

Genuine Rogue At Arms

110 points

Genuine Wide Angle

15 points

Genuine Omnivus

30 points

Genuine Radiant Ancient

25 points

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Genuine Top Lane

25 points

Genuine The Shrug Irons

50 points

Genuine Demon Vanquisher

27.5 points

Genuine Vanguard Fireblade

90 points

Genuine Scythe Of Plague

67.5 points

Genuine Soulhoof

125 points

Genuine Depth Of Field

17.5 points

Genuine Mischievous Fruits

25 points

Genuine Square Sky Staff

35 points