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Earn Ponits by completing offers or survey. Once you will have enough points to order Skins. Exchange your Points in to Skins or items.

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Tie Dye Leggings

20 points

Neko Chan Riot Shotgun

518 points

Distortion M9

12 points

Aqua Paisley Shorts

44 points

Green Splatter Boots

22 points

Red Bone Full Helmet

848 points

White Zeds

26 points

Blue Flannel Shirt

18 points

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Enforcer Beanie

54 points

Red Shemagh

16 points

Green Camo Beanie

6 points

Tiger Blood Riot Shotgun

370 points

Sniper Boots

6 points

Bandit Magnum

12 points

Abs Shirt

8 points

Navy Slacks

8 points

Red Star Armor

14 points

Kuromu Dragon Magnum

8 points