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Z1 Battle Royale previously known as H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Kill is the most popular royale game in 2020. Daybreak Game Company developed and published this game. H1Z1 was separated 2017 king of kill turned into “h1Z1” and Just survive erased H1Z1 and become only Just Survive.

Shotties Snipers Crate

1880.2 points

Ironman Crate

1162.8 points

Reanimated Crate

2823.7 points

Shotties Snipers 2 Crate

5849.7 points

Hardcore Elite Crate

742.9 points

V1 Mystery Crate

149.6 points

Kotk Mystery Crate

42.5 points

V1 5 Mystery Crate

18.7 points

Kotk Elite Crate

30.6 points

Elite Crate

5.1 points

V2 Mystery Crate

6.8 points

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