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Headband Red Pattern

17.5 points

Headband Red Black

17.5 points

Ski Mask Purple

17.5 points

M79 Tiger Mint

22.5 points

Ski Mask Purple Black

17.5 points

Headband Red

17.5 points

Robo Scully True Neutral

180 points

Christmas Ear Muffs Blue

22.5 points

Boonie Cap Red Tiger

112.5 points

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It is sequel to 2009's Killing Floor and a first-person shooter video game. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

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Sideshow Face Paint Foster

447.5 points

Katana Cyberbone Mint

1542.5 points

Russian Gas Mask Pmk 2 Red

235 points

Sideshow Face Paint Tanaka

120 points

Christmas Ushanka Green

17.5 points

Sideshow Human Canon Haruko

32.5 points

Baseball Hat Ru

130 points

Baseball Hat De

120 points