Free PD2 Skins

To get Free PD2 Skins, Earn points by completing offers or survey. Exchange them into PayDay 2 Skins.

Free Skin Type

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Rpk light machine gun zulu lightly marked stat boost

945 Points

Crosskill pistol vintage lightly marked stat boost

194 Points

Crosskill pistol big time operator battle worn

4,578 Points

Gruber kurz pistol chromed sparrow battle worn stat boost

719 Points

Nagant sniper rifle lone wolf well used stat boost

216 Points

Gl40 grenade launcher atomatom lightly marked

2,535 Points

Nagant sniper rifle coo coo ca choo broken in stat boost

2,278 Points

Locomotive 12g shotgun demon mint condition stat boost

8,174 Points

Matever 357 chico battle worn stat boost

1,472 Points

Nagant sniper rifle coo coo ca choo well used stat boost

1,525 Points

Locomotive 12g shotgun power patriot battle worn

617 Points

Jp36 rifle the torch well used stat boost

1,137 Points

Falcon rifle middle finger handout well used

3,250 Points

Thanatos 50 cal sniper rifle hype train battle worn stat boost

2,338 Points

Akimbo crosskill pistols stampede well used stat boost

320 Points

Bronco 44 revolver extra vaganza well used stat boost

2,300 Points

Pistol crossbow omnibow well used stat boost

610 Points

Plainsrider bow hypno scalp broken in stat boost

1,073 Points

R93 sniper rifle reptilian sting broken in stat boost

95 Points

M1014 shotgun vix cqc lightly marked stat boost

1,571 Points

Leo pistol cooldown broken in

825 Points

Pistol crossbow dog eat dog mint condition stat boost

423 Points

Commando 553 rifle howl mint condition

4,862 Points

Gewehr 3 rifle imur spotter broken in

2,025 Points

Mark 10 submachine gun flying pelican lightly marked stat boost

842 Points

Mosconi 12g shotgun first line well used stat boost

921 Points

Uar rifle spinal tap well used stat boost

1,537 Points

Akimbo castigo 44 revolvers monterrey broken in

4,349 Points

M308 rifle heart attack battle worn stat boost

5,284 Points

Street sweeper shotgun riptide broken in

1,848 Points

Platypus 70 sniper rifle airship broken in

1,425 Points

Mark 10 submachine gun skoll well used stat boost

119 Points

Buzzsaw 42 light machine gun tomb battle worn stat boost

245 Points

Chicago typewriter submachine gun rake mint condition stat boost

1,766 Points

Izhma 12g shotgun hagelbrak mint condition stat boost

534 Points

Crosskill pistol the harvest well used stat boost

270 Points

Locomotive 12g shotgun fleur de lis mint condition stat boost

1,409 Points

Valkyria rifle wave snake battle worn stat boost

236 Points

Nagant sniper rifle coo coo ca choo well used

889 Points

Uar rifle longclaw mint condition

2,749 Points