How to get Free PUBG Skins

Step 1: Make a free account

Step 2: Earn Points

Step 3: Redeem Your UC.


Free Skin Type

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Boots Gray

3.4 points

Raglan Shirt

3.4 points

Striped T Shirt Pink

3.4 points

Rugged Beige M16a4

3.4 points

Wanderer Crate

40.8 points

Tank Top Gray

3.4 points

Raider Crate

107.1 points

Biker Crate

44.2 points

Rugged Beige Sks

3.4 points

Rugged Beige S686

3.4 points

Long Sleeved T Shirt Red

3.4 points

Gamescom Invitational Crate

164.9 points

Survivor Crate

30.6 points

Polo Shirt Pink

3.4 points

Combat Pants White

3.4 points

Combat Pants Black

3.4 points

School Shoes Brown

3.4 points

Raglan T Shirt Red White

3.4 points

Militia Crate

44.2 points

Rugged Beige Crossbow

3.4 points

Vintage Polo Shirt

3.4 points

Combat Pants Blue

3.4 points

Baseball Cap

3.4 points

T Shirt Red

3.4 points

T Shirt Striped

3.4 points

Camo Combat Pants

3.4 points

Working Boots

3.4 points

Fever Crate

8.5 points

Aviator Crate

3.4 points

Equinox Crate

3.4 points

Triumph Crate

3.4 points

Desperado Crate

3.4 points

Coat Gray

1281.8 points

Turquoise Delight P1911

703.8 points

Silver Plate Vector

1298.8 points

School Shoes

96.9 points

Pioneer Crate

2024.7 points

Countryside Sneakers

39.1 points

Trifecta Scar L

2898.5 points

Lightbringer Shirt

108.8 points

Slacks Blue

96.9 points

Silver Plate Ump9

894.2 points

Leather Hoodie Black

9302.4 points

Desert Digital P92

25.5 points