How to get Free PUBG Skins

Step 1: Make a free account

Step 2: Earn Points

Step 3: Redeem Your UC.


Free Skin Type

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Search From PUBG

Coat Red

1416.1 points

Silver Plate Scar L

3879.4 points

Jungle Digital Sks

2138.6 points

Feathered Shirt

68 points

Lazy Sunday Sweatpants

623.9 points

Military Jacket Black

3529.2 points

Gold Plate Groza

916.3 points

Zest Denim Jacket

3714.5 points

Jungle Digital Awm

1004.7 points

Violent Violet Jacket

1659.2 points

Cowboy Hat Brown

2385.1 points

Desert Shemagh

1589.5 points

Biker Pants Gray

275.4 points

Cropped Corset

4080 points