How to get Free PUBG Skins

Step 1: Make a free account

Step 2: Earn Points

Step 3: Redeem Your UC.


Free Skin Type

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Search From PUBG

Tracksuit Top Yellow

2969.9 points

Combat Gloves Khaki

102 points

Hi Top Canvas Sneakers Pink

137.7 points

Tracksuit Pants Yellow

2169.2 points

Weapon Skin Key

506.6 points

Checkered Jacket

622.2 points

Van Helsing Set

56837.8 points

Black School Uniform Set Male

23769.4 points

Gold Rush Set

66089.2 points

Brown Hat Rangers Set

46503.5 points

Zest Set Male

31130.4 points

White Hat Rangers Set

80092.1 points

Ivory School Uniform Set Male

34168.3 points

Ivory School Uniform Set Female

138218.5 points

Military Uniform Set Male

76831.5 points

Zest Set Female

42836.6 points

Tuxedo Set Female

65613.2 points

Blue School Uniform Set Male

28014.3 points

Blue School Uniform Set Female

68980.9 points

Playerunknown Set

170 points

Tracksuit Set

17309.4 points

Tuxedo Set Male

23757.5 points

Instructor Set

23346.1 points

Tracksuit Set Yellow

23237.3 points

Glory Akm

17957.1 points

Gold Plate S686

7896.5 points

Turquoise Delight M16a4

17413.1 points

Playerunknown S Bandana

51052.7 points

School Skirt

33559.7 points

Turquoise Delight Kar98k

19893.4 points

Gold Plate S12k

1701.7 points

Hi Top Trainers Red

25811.1 points

Glory Ump9

3768.9 points

Cloth Mask Checkered

16612.4 points

Military Skirt Black

15864.4 points

Playerunknown S Trenchcoat

32549.9 points

Faux Leather Jacket

15449.6 points

Twitch Prime Set

10784.8 points

Gold Plate Sks

3411.9 points

Pleated Mini Skirt Blue

18339.6 points

Turquoise Delight Tommy Gun

1783.3 points

Jeans Tan

4195.6 points

Pleated Mini Skirt Black

26843 points

Shirt Gray

1805.4 points

Zest Denim Jacket

10810.3 points

Cowboy Hat White

4909.6 points

Desert Digital M416

8025.7 points