How to get Free PUBG Skins

Step 1: Make a free account

Step 2: Earn Points

Step 3: Redeem Your UC.


Free Skin Type

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School Shirt With Necktie

212.5 points

Camo Combat Pants Gray

17 points

Gold Plate Win94

130.9 points

Padded Jacket Purple

42.5 points

Military Boots Black

494.7 points

Slacks Purple

122.4 points

Desert Digital P92

23.8 points

Vintage Gas Mask

448.8 points

Twitch Prime Boots

137.7 points

Aviator Sunglasses

771.8 points

Orange Shirt

192.1 points

Beanie Brown

10.2 points

Dirty Tank Top Gray

15.3 points

Sneakers Black

404.6 points

Floral Retro Jacket

564.4 points

Fingerless Gloves Leather

39.1 points

Zest Sunglasses

481.1 points

Bloody Sneakers

496.4 points

Desert Digital Mini14

219.3 points

Biker Pants Black

136 points

Twitch Prime Shirt

156.4 points

Combat Pants Coral

90.1 points

Velcro Trainers

47.6 points

Checked Shirt White

28.9 points

School Shirt

44.2 points

Twitch Prime Combat Pants

142.8 points

Rimless Sunglasses

107.1 points

Bloody Tank Top White

22.1 points

Checkered Shirt Coral

18.7 points

Twitch Prime Balaclava

1033.6 points

Striped Tank Top

6.8 points

Zest Bootcut Pants

159.8 points

Desert Digital Win94

15.3 points

Leather Boots Brown

8.5 points

Desert Digital R45

10.2 points

Slacks Black

23.8 points

Long Leather Boots Brown

15.3 points

Striped Shirt Gray

10.2 points

Denim Bootcut Pants

238 points

Mandarin Jacket Black

661.3 points

Tracksuit Pants

71.4 points

Floral Shirt White

219.3 points

Matched Shirt Gray

8.5 points

Silver Plate Dp 28

107.1 points

Weapon Skin Key

408 points

Tracksuit Pants Yellow

744.6 points

Urban Padded Jacket

74.8 points