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Engineer Trading Card

7.5 points

Agatha Vanguard

6 points

Living Wood

10.5 points

Geralt Trading Card

30 points


6 points

Triss Trading Card

33 points

Agatha Man At Arms

6 points


4.5 points

Spy Trading Card

9 points

Agatha Knight

6 points

Emotion Execution

12 points

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6 points

That Crossbar

16.5 points


6 points


6 points

Demoman Trading Card

9 points

Ciri Trading Card

34.5 points


10.5 points

Eye Of Cthulhu

10.5 points

Outsider Elite Grunt

6 points

Yennefer Trading Card

28.5 points

Innovation And Comfort

12 points

Agent William Carter

6 points