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Team fortress 2 is one of the most popular games in 2020. TF2 Items and tf2 achievement items are getting huge popularity as well as CSGO, PUBG and others.TF2 is an old decade game that still has market demand from its player’s side.

Vintage Modest Pile Of Hat

249.9 points

Genuine That 70s Chapeau

181.9 points

Vintage Hustler S Hallmark

181.9 points

Strange Eyelander

85 points

Haunted Executioner

181.9 points

Blast Blocker

45.9 points

Vintage Demoman S Fro

120.7 points

Vintage Glengarry Bonnet

124.1 points

Handy Canes

34 points

Genuine Point And Shoot

603.5 points

Vintage Tippler S Tricorne

180.2 points

If you don’t have credit card or money to buy TF2 items then we can help you to get it for Free. So, let me show you how you will get TF2 items for free. TF2 stand for Team Fortress 2. Basically, it is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game and sequel to the 1999 Team Fortress Classic remake.

How to get TF2 Achievement Items?

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How much times to take to receive TF2 Items, Hats & Keys?

It depends; Most of the items are instantly delivered. Generally, we try to purchase skins from Bitskins & another Marketplace. If your ordered skins are available in these markets, then we send your skins instantly.

Genuine Conjurer S Cowl

161.5 points

Genuine Robot Chicken Hat

56.1 points

Genuine Tartan Shade

127.5 points

Genuine Deus Specs

161.5 points

The Caribou Companion

34 points

Blast Defense

37.4 points

Strange Loch N Load

71.4 points

Genuine Ham Shank

52.7 points

Strange Grenade Launcher

69.7 points

Universal Translator

39.1 points

Strange Pain Train

28.9 points

Pocket Santa

34 points

The Demo S Dustcatcher

40.8 points

Genuine Brimstone

37.4 points

Summer Claim Check

13.6 points

Bounty Hat

57.8 points

The Pithy Professional

37.4 points

Genuine Dadliest Catch

40.8 points

Strange Persian Persuader

28.9 points


804.1 points

The Tundra Top

40.8 points

Genuine Wilson Weave

42.5 points

Genuine K 9 Mane

39.1 points

Vintage Pain Train

11.9 points

Vintage Eyelander

18.7 points

Summer Shades

153 points

Bill S Hat

724.2 points

Genuine Menpo

39.1 points

Vintage Chargin Targe

15.3 points

What is Pending, Trading Mode?

When you ordered any items, initially it shows “Pending”, it means we didn’t purchase your items/skins yet.
When it shows “Trading”, it means we already purchased your skins. It will be tradable after 7 days as Steam Rules.
When it shows “Success”, it means we already delivered your items or skins.