Free TF2 Items in 2021-

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Free Skin Type

Search From Engineer

Lightning rod shotgun factory new

90 Points

Haunted legend of bugfoot

136 Points

Strange festive wrangler

411 Points

Strange law

417 Points

Final frontier freighter

39 Points

Plumber s cap

675 Points

Haunted dead little buddy

107 Points

Backwoods boomstick shotgun minimal wear

41 Points

Backwoods boomstick shotgun well worn

29 Points

Haunted unknown monkeynaut

138 Points

Lightning rod shotgun well worn

32 Points

Civic duty shotgun battle scarred

17 Points

Dressed to kill pistol field tested

15 Points

Airwolf wrench field tested

29 Points

Winter backup

66 Points

Spine chilling skull

717 Points

Festive frontier justice

82 Points

Genuine noise maker koto

150 Points

The toadstool topper

121 Points

Hickory hole puncher pistol field tested

31 Points

Haunted boo balloon

107 Points

Duck billed hatypus

179 Points

Genuine last straw

100 Points

Tropical toad

119 Points

Genuine human cannonball

128 Points

Voodoo juju

872 Points

Lightning rod shotgun battle scarred

29 Points

Nutcracker wrench well worn

17 Points

Strange support spurs

117 Points

El patron

63 Points

Festive wrench

296 Points

Hickory hole puncher pistol minimal wear

29 Points

Strange winter woodsman

216 Points

Lightning rod shotgun minimal wear

34 Points

Autumn wrench field tested

15 Points

Strange head mounted double observatory

51 Points

Vintage lugermorph

1,795 Points

Haunted spooky sleeves

326 Points

The el paso poncho

87 Points

The hunter in darkness

165 Points