Free TF2 Items in 2021-

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Free Skin Type

Search From Engineer

Genuine cockfighter

275 Points

Genuine marxman

286 Points

Nutcracker wrench field tested

15 Points

Taunt zoomin broom

809 Points

Barely melted capacitor

46 Points

Haunted rump o lantern

65 Points

Hillbilly speed bump

51 Points

Pocket saxton

49 Points

Dressed to kill wrench field tested

14 Points

Rocket operator

114 Points

Strange silver botkiller wrench mk i

100 Points

The patriot peak

202 Points

Genuine mark of the saint

77 Points

Woolen warmer

97 Points

Antarctic eyewear

41 Points

Strange rust botkiller wrench mk i

90 Points

Strange panic attack

63 Points

Local hero pistol minimal wear

15 Points

Genuine prize plushy

77 Points

Max s severed head

7,744 Points

Festive shotgun

90 Points

Nutcracker pistol field tested

15 Points

Mining light

150 Points

Genuine triad trinket

192 Points

Prehistoric pullover

177 Points

Nasty norsemann

49 Points

Genuine widowmaker

88 Points

Strange wrangler

60 Points

Packable provisions

70 Points

Genuine warsworn helmet

313 Points

The wide brimmed bandito

78 Points

Genuine mk 50

206 Points

Genuine shred alert

734 Points

Vintage safe n sound

456 Points


85 Points

Vintage texas slim s dome shine

187 Points

Civic duty shotgun well worn

15 Points

Aloha apparel

207 Points

Unusual shred alert

3,631 Points

Haunted unidentified following object

182 Points