Free TF2 Items in 2021-

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Free Skin Type

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Dressed to kill minigun field tested

15 Points

Festive shotgun

90 Points

Strange rust botkiller minigun mk i

75 Points

Genuine cold war luchador

112 Points

Haunted soviet stitch up

51 Points

Haunted steel toed stompers

39 Points

Prehistoric pullover

177 Points

Genuine triad trinket

192 Points

Nasty norsemann

49 Points

Strange eviction notice

37 Points

Strange killing gloves of boxing

46 Points

Genuine huo long heater

37 Points

Fat man s field cap

39 Points

Genuine warsworn helmet

313 Points

The gift bringer

342 Points

Genuine shred alert

734 Points

King of the jungle minigun field tested

29 Points

Genuine mk 50

201 Points

Civic duty shotgun well worn

15 Points


85 Points

Citizen pain minigun well worn

12 Points

Genuine whale bone charm

44 Points

Genuine awesomenauts badge

41 Points

Genuine dragonborn helmet

313 Points

Civic duty shotgun minimal wear

15 Points

The ebenezer

236 Points

Antique annihilator minigun well worn

12 Points

Antique annihilator minigun minimal wear

14 Points

Sledder s sidekick

265 Points

Genuine baronial badge

46 Points


70 Points

The croaking hazard

119 Points

Festive gloves of running urgently

56 Points

The chill chullo

100 Points

Reader s choice

48 Points

Genuine croft s crest

37 Points

Genuine hitt mann badge

46 Points

Strange carbonado botkiller minigun mk i

66 Points

Killstreak frying pan

469 Points

Genuine officer s ushanka

600 Points