Free TF2 Items in 2021-

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Genuine dadliest catch

34 Points

Strange candy cane

29 Points

Batter s helmet

43 Points

Trucker s topper

37 Points


734 Points

Genuine companion cube pin

31 Points

Strange flying guillotine

37 Points

Genuine crosslinker s coil

39 Points

The tundra top

41 Points

Strange sandman

34 Points

Genuine wilson weave

43 Points

Summer shades

163 Points

Bill s hat

721 Points

Vintage bonk atomic punch

14 Points

Vintage pyrovision goggles

19 Points

Vintage force a nature

15 Points

Vintage sandman

14 Points

Mann co store package

41 Points

Secret saxton

14 Points

Punk s pomp

153 Points

Genuine noise maker koto

150 Points

Nutcracker scattergun well worn

20 Points

The toadstool topper

121 Points

Haunted boo balloon

107 Points

Hickory hole puncher pistol field tested

31 Points

Vintage baseball bill s sports shine

294 Points

Duck billed hatypus

179 Points

Courtier s collar

211 Points

Strange speedster s spandex

66 Points

Killstreak back scatter

61 Points

Country crusher scattergun field tested

27 Points

Civic duty mk ii soda popper field tested

17 Points

Genuine human cannonball

128 Points

Festive scattergun

425 Points

Voodoo juju

872 Points

Spruce deuce scattergun field tested

27 Points

The lightning lid

464 Points

Strange courtly cuirass

78 Points

Killstreak scattergun

151 Points

Hickory hole puncher pistol minimal wear

29 Points