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Free Skin Type

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Night terror scattergun field tested

34 Points

Strange winter woodsman

216 Points

Corsair scattergun field tested

27 Points

Bonk batter s backup

80 Points

Blizzard britches

213 Points

Harlequin s hooves

102 Points

Vintage lugermorph

1,795 Points

Haunted spooky sleeves

326 Points

The hunter in darkness

168 Points

Nutcracker scattergun field tested

19 Points

Genuine marxman

286 Points

Genuine cockfighter

277 Points

Taunt zoomin broom

809 Points


136 Points

Haunted spooky shoes

104 Points

Barely melted capacitor

46 Points

Strange airdog

65 Points

Haunted rump o lantern

65 Points

Strange soda popper

201 Points

Genuine cross comm express

294 Points

Strange boston boom bringer

201 Points

Mutated milk

162 Points

Pocket saxton

49 Points

Haunted futankhamun

41 Points

The patriot peak

201 Points

Strange bat

53 Points

Genuine mark of the saint

77 Points

Antarctic eyewear

43 Points

Woolen warmer

97 Points

Genuine fan o war

109 Points

B aaarrgh n britches

44 Points

Strange atomizer

146 Points

Genuine flying guillotine

53 Points

Local hero pistol minimal wear

15 Points

Strange wrap assassin

43 Points

Max s severed head

7,744 Points

Strange killstreak scattergun

224 Points

Backcountry blaster scattergun battle scarred

17 Points

Hot heels

105 Points

Herald s helm

49 Points