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Haunted terrier trousers

109 Points

Strange rotation sensation

180 Points

Lil bitey

112 Points

Haunted cryptic keepsake

94 Points

Genuine ball kicking boots

340 Points

Haunted tuque or treat

112 Points

Nutcracker pistol well worn

15 Points

Strange festive force a nature

595 Points

Legendary lid

478 Points

Strange festive holy mackerel

789 Points

Brain candy pistol field tested

29 Points

Killstreak soda popper

143 Points

Backcountry blaster scattergun factory new

53 Points

Unusual taunt flippin awesome

3,777 Points

Black dahlia pistol field tested

34 Points

Genuine merc s pride scarf

797 Points

Mann co painting set

879 Points

Unusual taunt deep fried desire

1,989 Points

The c a p p e r

867 Points

Strange wing mann

80 Points

Genuine prinny pouch

46 Points

Strange specialized killstreak scattergun

651 Points

Genuine prinny machete

379 Points

Genuine merc medal

85 Points

Strange trucker s topper

68 Points

Strange pocket santa

53 Points

Strange cadet visor

109 Points

Genuine buck turner all stars

1,117 Points

Dressed to kill pistol well worn

14 Points

Hickory hole puncher pistol well worn

27 Points

Haunted halloweiner

102 Points

Country crusher scattergun minimal wear

29 Points

Haunted wrap battler

56 Points

Death racer s helmet

151 Points

Taunt burstchester

1,309 Points

Strange airborne attire

296 Points

Strange caribou companion

85 Points

Strange coldsnap cap

192 Points

Bread box

1,301 Points

Fortunate son

190 Points