Free TF2 Items in 2021-

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Free Skin Type

Search From Sniper

The most dangerous mane

53 Points


804 Points

Genuine companion cube pin

31 Points

Genuine anger

250 Points

Final frontiersman

48 Points

Genuine awper hand

304 Points

Genuine crosslinker s coil

39 Points

Strange jarate

32 Points

The tundra top

41 Points

Genuine stovepipe sniper shako

34 Points

Summer shades

153 Points

Bill s hat

724 Points

Vintage tribalman s shiv

14 Points

Vintage pyrovision goggles

19 Points

Vintage jarate

14 Points

Vintage huntsman

15 Points

Vintage razorback

12 Points

Mann co store package

41 Points

Secret saxton

14 Points

Strange caribou companion

85 Points

Wildwood sniper rifle minimal wear

19 Points

Dressed to kill sniper rifle well worn

19 Points

Strange coldsnap cap

192 Points

Genuine bushman s boonie

326 Points

Haunted sir hootsalot

243 Points

Bread box

1,301 Points

Woodsy widowmaker smg well worn

29 Points

Genuine bolgan family crest

41 Points

Festive sniper rifle

384 Points

Blitzkrieg smg field tested

29 Points

Strange law

417 Points

The handsome hitman

162 Points

The conspicuous camouflage

182 Points

Haunted dead little buddy

107 Points

Coffin nail sniper rifle well worn

15 Points

Haunted unknown monkeynaut

138 Points

Specialized killstreak frying pan

502 Points

Team sprayer smg well worn

31 Points

Low profile smg minimal wear

31 Points

Shot in the dark sniper rifle well worn

27 Points