Free TF2 Items in 2021-

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Free Skin Type

Search From Sniper

Antarctic eyewear

43 Points

Dressed to kill sniper rifle field tested

17 Points

Woolen warmer

97 Points

Max s severed head

7,744 Points

The self aware beauty mark

139 Points

Woodsy widowmaker smg field tested

27 Points

Archer s sterling

46 Points

The festive huntsman

187 Points

Strange rust botkiller sniper rifle mk i

104 Points

Strange smg

44 Points

Coffin nail sniper rifle field tested

15 Points

Haunted garlic flank stake

34 Points

Strange cleaner s carbine

31 Points

Killstreak sniper rifle

83 Points

Prehistoric pullover

177 Points

Genuine triad trinket

192 Points

Strange shahanshah

37 Points

Nasty norsemann

49 Points

Strange bushwacka

75 Points

Strange silver botkiller sniper rifle mk i

122 Points

Genuine warsworn helmet

313 Points

Poacher s safari jacket

216 Points

Genuine machina

90 Points


700 Points

Genuine mk 50

206 Points

Genuine shred alert

734 Points


85 Points

Down under duster

211 Points

Genuine whale bone charm

44 Points

Genuine awesomenauts badge

41 Points

Festive jarate

90 Points

Genuine criminal cloak

97 Points

The ebenezer

236 Points

Strange hitman s heatmaker

102 Points

Sledder s sidekick

267 Points

Genuine baronial badge

46 Points


70 Points

The croaking hazard

119 Points

Strange pocket yeti

58 Points

Plaid potshotter smg factory new

53 Points