Free TF2 Items in 2021-

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Free Skin Type

Search From Sniper

Strange mustachioed mann

508 Points

Strange snow sleeves

476 Points

Plaid potshotter smg minimal wear

32 Points

Haunted hallowed headcase

104 Points

Wildwood sniper rifle battle scarred

22 Points

Wildwood smg minimal wear

19 Points

Strange chill chullo

182 Points

Unusual universal translator

5,641 Points

Unusual taunt conga

5,372 Points

Strange hawk eyed hunter

122 Points

Night owl sniper rifle factory new

119 Points

The aztec warrior

670 Points

Blue mew smg field tested

27 Points

Shot in the dark sniper rifle minimal wear

29 Points

Haunted haunted hat

525 Points

The snowmann

405 Points

Dragon slayer sniper rifle factory new

374 Points

Strange flashdance footies

248 Points

Haunted manneater

168 Points

Low profile smg battle scarred

31 Points

Killstreak conscientious objector

405 Points

Genuine balloonicorn

648 Points

Genuine tomb readers

332 Points

Vintage bill s hat

3,655 Points

Haunted holy hunter

151 Points

Haunted dark helm

219 Points

Unusual larrikin robin

3,696 Points

Haunted snaggletoothed stetson

104 Points

Unusual taunt skullcracker

3,058 Points

Bushman s bristles

281 Points

Guilden guardian

100 Points

Lil bitey

112 Points

Strange rotation sensation

180 Points

Strange poacher s safari jacket

367 Points

Haunted tuque or treat

112 Points

Haunted cryptic keepsake

94 Points

Woodsy widowmaker smg battle scarred

29 Points

Night owl sniper rifle battle scarred

31 Points

Legendary lid

476 Points

Mann co painting set

879 Points