Free TF2 Items in 2021-

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Free Skin Type

Search From Soldier

Vintage modest pile of hat

250 Points

Strange market gardener

83 Points

Haunted executioner

182 Points

Strange carbonado botkiller rocket launcher mk i

109 Points

Civic duty shotgun field tested

12 Points

The hellmet

53 Points

Genuine gilded guard

41 Points

Handy canes

34 Points

Strange direct hit

83 Points

Lumbricus lid

78 Points

Genuine point and shoot

604 Points

Genuine professor s pineapple

83 Points

Vintage tyrant s helm

199 Points

Strange concheror

48 Points

Strange liberty launcher

95 Points

Genuine robot chicken hat

56 Points

Vintage killer s kabuto

442 Points

Sky high fly guy

34 Points

Genuine deus specs

162 Points

The caribou companion

41 Points


56 Points

Genuine big daddy

37 Points

The head hedge

37 Points

Strange cow mangler 5000

37 Points

Genuine brain bucket

39 Points

Genuine ham shank

53 Points

Universal translator

39 Points

Attack packs

41 Points

Strange pain train

29 Points

Pocket santa

34 Points

Strange equalizer

29 Points

Strange black box

145 Points

Strange rocket launcher

100 Points

Brass bucket

37 Points

Genuine brimstone

37 Points

Summer claim check

14 Points

Vintage gunboats

41 Points

Genuine first american

37 Points

Bounty hat

58 Points

Genuine stahlhelm

37 Points