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Unusual towering pillar of hats

6,018 Points

Corsair medi gun minimal wear

53 Points

Civil servant mk ii crusader s crossbow field tested

19 Points

Vintage killstreak kritzkrieg

94 Points

Strange prehistoric pullover

408 Points

Unusual dr s dapper topper

7,718 Points

Strange brotherhood of arms

1,341 Points

Unusual cotton head

7,473 Points

Unusual kiss king

7,847 Points

Co pilot

435 Points

Unusual taunt burstchester

3,859 Points

Genuine killstreak ham shank

121 Points

Dressed to kill medi gun battle scarred

20 Points

Taunt second rate sorcery

651 Points

Strange modest metal pile of scrap

128 Points

Haunted quoth

233 Points

Haunted pocket horsemann

180 Points

Jungle wreath

250 Points

Unusual german gonzila

4,143 Points

Strange eye catcher

486 Points

Killstreak ham shank

78 Points

Haunted archimedes the undying

648 Points

Summer hat

3,172 Points

Unusual a rather festive tree

6,659 Points

Strange pocket heavy

187 Points

Strange summer shades

1,489 Points

Haunted magical mercenary

1,491 Points

The spine chilling skull 2011

961 Points

Strange a well wrapped hat

347 Points

Unusual powdered practitioner

4,899 Points

Haunted beacon from beyond

90 Points

Strange pithy professional

82 Points

Strange killer exclusive

507 Points

Strange gauzed gaze

165 Points

Strange galvanized gibus

527 Points

Bedouin bandana

1,613 Points

Strange gaiter guards

785 Points

Strange killstreak bonesaw

80 Points

Strange captain space mann

187 Points

Strange killstreak blutsauger

126 Points