Free TF2 Items in 2021-

Free Skin Type

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Taunt burstchester

1,309 Points

Coffin nail medi gun well worn

12 Points

Strange coldsnap cap

192 Points

Strange caribou companion

85 Points

Bread box

1,301 Points

Genuine bolgan family crest

41 Points

Strange bunnyhopper s ballistics vest

173 Points

Scourge of the sky

194 Points

Strange law

417 Points

Wrapped reviver medi gun field tested

31 Points

Strange santarchimedes

119 Points

Haunted dead little buddy

107 Points

Surgeon s shako

94 Points

Reclaimed reanimator medi gun factory new

48 Points

Civil servant mk ii medi gun field tested

12 Points

Strange battle boonie

71 Points

Haunted unknown monkeynaut

138 Points

Specialized killstreak frying pan

502 Points

Killstreak ubersaw

61 Points

Haunted bat outta hell

190 Points

Spine chilling skull

717 Points

The toadstool topper

121 Points

Genuine noise maker koto

150 Points

Haunted boo balloon

107 Points

Civil servant medi gun battle scarred

14 Points

Duck billed hatypus

184 Points

Dressed to kill medi gun field tested

12 Points

The surgeon s sidearms

41 Points

Haunted exorcizor

184 Points

Strange surgical survivalist

143 Points

Genuine human cannonball

128 Points

Medical monarch

134 Points

Masked mender medi gun minimal wear

29 Points

Voodoo juju

872 Points

Strange vaccinator

114 Points

Festive medi gun

218 Points

Masked mender medi gun well worn

29 Points

Strange winter woodsman

216 Points

Haunted dr gogglestache

80 Points

Killstreak vaccinator

68 Points