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Strange festive ubersaw

1,146 Points

Haunted haunted hat

525 Points

The snowmann

405 Points

Dressed to kill medi gun well worn

14 Points

Strange festive bonesaw

175 Points

Strange flashdance footies

248 Points

Haunted teutonkahmun

48 Points

Haunted einstein

51 Points

Haunted manneater

168 Points

Unusual taunt the meet the medic

2,479 Points

Killstreak conscientious objector

405 Points

Colossal cranium

48 Points

Civic duty mk ii medi gun well worn

12 Points

Genuine tomb readers

332 Points

Genuine balloonicorn

648 Points

Vintage bill s hat

3,655 Points

Strange private eye

94 Points

Grim tweeter

486 Points

Unusual merc s mohawk

15,062 Points

Strange surgeon s shako

165 Points

Strange masked mender medi gun field tested

85 Points

Unusual neckwear headwear

7,477 Points

Strange duck billed hatypus

561 Points

Unusual slick cut

5,148 Points

Strange vive la france

422 Points

Wrapped reviver medi gun factory new

170 Points

Strange specialized killstreak quick fix

481 Points

Civic duty mk ii crusader s crossbow field tested

19 Points

Strange towering titanium pillar of hats

160 Points

The holiday headcase

3,295 Points

Strange gold botkiller medi gun mk i

655 Points

Strange blood botkiller medi gun mk i

309 Points

Strange executioner

216 Points

Strange noble nickel amassment of hats

126 Points

Strange macho mann

1,406 Points

The head prize

2,312 Points

Unusual surgeon s stahlhelm

5,936 Points

Wildwood medi gun factory new

235 Points

Strange specialized killstreak vaccinator

224 Points

Strange exorcizor

320 Points