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The lady killer

343 Points

Genuine whale bone charm

44 Points

Mayor revolver well worn

14 Points

Strange silver botkiller knife mk i

90 Points

Genuine awesomenauts badge

41 Points

Strange carbonado botkiller knife mk i

80 Points

The ebenezer

236 Points

Mayor revolver minimal wear

12 Points

Genuine baronial badge

46 Points

Sledder s sidekick

267 Points


70 Points

The croaking hazard

119 Points

The chill chullo

102 Points

Reader s choice

48 Points

Genuine croft s crest

37 Points

Genuine hitt mann badge

46 Points

Killstreak spy cicle

78 Points

Old country revolver minimal wear

14 Points

Strange silver botkiller knife mk ii

90 Points

Pocket yeti

37 Points


109 Points

Genuine atomic accolade

43 Points

Genuine aperture labs hard hat

184 Points

Genuine diamondback

94 Points

Genuine vigilant pin

46 Points

Haunted crone s dome

491 Points

Genuine company man

41 Points

Strange enforcer

32 Points

Strange rust botkiller knife mk i

85 Points

Killstreak revolver

61 Points

Genuine lacking moral fiber mask

177 Points

A well wrapped hat

112 Points

Treasure hat

311 Points

Smissmas 2015 festive gift

617 Points

Genuine hardy laurel

82 Points

The b m o c

1,848 Points

Captain space mann

83 Points

Pallet of crates

207 Points

Vintage fancy fedora

252 Points

Genuine faerie solitaire pin

37 Points