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Butterfly knife slaughter factory new

154,275 Points

Bowie knife fade factory new

101,572 Points

Gut knife slaughter minimal wear

35,685 Points

Butterfly knife doppler factory new

224,400 Points

Huntsman knife slaughter factory new

83,625 Points

Huntsman knife rust coat battle scarred

32,594 Points

Falchion knife rust coat battle scarred

31,171 Points

Huntsman knife safari mesh field tested

28,667 Points

Karambit ultraviolet field tested

90,443 Points

Bowie knife marble fade factory new

112,016 Points

Huntsman knife ultraviolet field tested

39,250 Points

M9 bayonet rust coat battle scarred

55,508 Points

Bowie knife crimson web field tested

55,539 Points

Gut knife urban masked field tested

26,887 Points

Huntsman knife

45,793 Points

Shadow daggers slaughter factory new

42,753 Points

M9 bayonet scorched field tested

43,850 Points

Flip knife fade factory new

75,424 Points

Falchion knife slaughter minimal wear

52,688 Points

Flip knife

36,215 Points

Karambit forest ddpat field tested

62,893 Points

Bowie knife tiger tooth factory new

80,361 Points

Bowie knife scorched field tested

28,545 Points

Shadow daggers crimson web field tested

39,270 Points

Falchion knife tiger tooth factory new

67,810 Points

M9 bayonet gamma doppler factory new

201,231 Points

Gut knife boreal forest field tested

26,112 Points

Karambit rust coat battle scarred

73,680 Points

Gut knife night field tested

26,602 Points

Huntsman knife boreal forest field tested

31,141 Points

Karambit tiger tooth factory new

182,932 Points

Bayonet tiger tooth factory new

108,615 Points

Bayonet ultraviolet field tested

42,034 Points

Flip knife safari mesh field tested

29,478 Points

Huntsman knife slaughter minimal wear

69,238 Points

Flip knife tiger tooth factory new

74,822 Points

Shadow daggers night field tested

27,637 Points

Karambit marble fade factory new

258,555 Points

Gut knife

31,222 Points

Gut knife ultraviolet field tested

29,274 Points