GamersNab's FAQ

Are multiple accounts allowed?

No, we only allow one account from one PC or IP. Using multiple accounts can be the reasons of getting ban from all accounts.

Is this site Legit, How I can trust?

Yes, this is one of the most legit sites. You can chat/contact with all users of our site to know whether this is legit site or not. You can read review about GamersNab on Trust Pilot

What are the sites rules that I must follow?

There are few rules that every user must follow to avoid ban:

  • Never cheat in offer/survey.
  • Do not use VPN or any other cheating way to change your Country/IP.
  • Do not login from friend's PC, Cafe or School.

How will I receive Game/ Gift Cards or Items?

You will receive Game/ Gift Cards or Items to your registered email address which you used in registration.

How long it takes to receive Game/ Gift Cards or Items?

Here the estimated time to send you Game/ Gift Cards or Items:

  • CSGO, TF2 around 72 hours.
  • Trading Cards, DOTA2 around 48 hours.
  • Gift Cards and games around 1-2 days.

How you will send me Game/ CSGO Skins, DOTA 2 and TF2 Items?

We will trade Game/ CSGO Skins, DOTA 2 and TF2 Items to your linked Steam account. Make sure your Steam Account can trade.

How you will found me on Steam?

You will have to add the GamersNab as friend and initiate the trade after your Game/item has been approved.