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Desert eagle meteorite factory new

168 Points

R8 revolver amber fade field tested

209 Points

Desert eagle bronze deco factory new

173 Points

P2000 oceanic minimal wear

66 Points

P2000 granite marbleized battle scarred

20 Points

Tec 9 army mesh well worn

15 Points

Tec 9 cracked opal field tested

46 Points

Dual berettas stained battle scarred

20 Points

Five seven scumbria well worn

46 Points

Glock 18 wraiths field tested

61 Points

P2000 turf field tested

51 Points

Desert eagle oxide blaze factory new

337 Points

Five seven orange peel battle scarred

20 Points

P250 valence minimal wear

112 Points

Desert eagle oxide blaze minimal wear

224 Points

Tec 9 ice cap factory new

71 Points

Glock 18 ironwork field tested

66 Points

P250 sand dune battle scarred

15 Points

Five seven violent daimyo minimal wear

66 Points

Dual berettas stained minimal wear

26 Points

Cz75 auto polymer field tested

56 Points

Five seven orange peel minimal wear

31 Points

P250 mint kimono field tested

36 Points

Glock 18 off world field tested

102 Points

Dual berettas ventilators field tested

51 Points

Glock 18 off world well worn

102 Points

P250 sand dune well worn

15 Points

Glock 18 candy apple minimal wear

143 Points

Usp s torque field tested

362 Points

Dual berettas cobalt quartz factory new

87 Points

Desert eagle oxide blaze field tested

117 Points

Tec 9 bamboo forest factory new

102 Points

Dual berettas stained well worn

20 Points

Desert eagle bronze deco field tested

87 Points

Five seven scumbria field tested

46 Points

Five seven capillary minimal wear

51 Points

Glock 18 death rattle minimal wear

31 Points

P250 ripple field tested

46 Points

Tec 9 varicamo minimal wear

20 Points

P2000 oceanic field tested

51 Points


What is is CSGO ?

Basically, there are two parts of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive one is the Terrorists and the Counter- Terrorists. The interesting part of this game is, both sides fight to destroy the opposite sides. Task of the terrorist’s part is to plant the bomb while counter terrorists must defeat the bomb. There Are nine different modes in CSGO, every mode having specific character. As Global Offensive released on August 21, 2012, it was played by estimated 11 million players in every Month [Source WikiPedia ].

How to make csgo skins for free

If you are highly interested to make Free CSGO Skins hack, you will need to earn points by completing easy offers or survey. You can exchange these points into Counter Strike Skins. You get Dota 2 Items by doing same process.