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Earn Ponits by completing offers or survey. Once you will have enough points to order H1Z1 Skins. Exchange your Points in to H1Z1 Skins.

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Urban Camo Backpack

12 points

Toxic Atv

18 points

I Tried T Shirt

7.5 points

Rasta Parachute

15 points

Nomad Leather Jacket

4.5 points

Eagle Tactical Helmet

10.5 points

Wild Thing M9

4.5 points

Anodized Ar 15

309 points

Pixel Hoodie

4.5 points

Contender Luchador Mask

4.5 points

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Lightning Ar 15

307.5 points

Headshot Hockey Mask

7.5 points

Ender Magnum

4.5 points

Tech Shemagh

6 points

Neko Chan Conveys

6 points

Neko Chan Shorts

7.5 points

Green Gloves

7.5 points

Purple Boots

6 points

Pinstripe Slacks

4.5 points