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Earn Ponits by completing offers or survey. Once you will have enough points to order H1Z1 Skins. Exchange your Points in to H1Z1 Skins.

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D O A Hoodie

25 points

Holiday Hoodie

220 points

Aviator Cap

710 points

Gray And Red Armor

15 points

Pinstripe Suit Jacket

15 points

Sniper Laminated Body Armor

17.5 points

Aerial Graffiti Parachute

42.5 points

Mask Of The Jester

610 points

Burnout Pickup Truck

65 points

Silver Padded Pants

15 points

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Bandit Fingerless Gloves

12.5 points

Bandit Makeshift Armor

887.5 points

Snow Camo Parka

22.5 points

Racing Jacket

27.5 points

Digital Camo Pants

60 points

Flaming Skull Face Bandana

17.5 points

Tech Tactical Body Armor

12.5 points

Kitsune Tactical Body Armor

17.5 points

Blue Camo Pants

22.5 points

Pwny Express Military Backpack

387.5 points

Graffiti Hoodie

25 points

Showdown Military Backpack

227.5 points