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Earn Ponits by completing offers or survey. Once you will have enough points to order Skins. Exchange your Points in to Skins or items.

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Rasta Face Bandana

1642 points

Wildstyle Ak 47

1436 points

Sandalwood Magnum

14 points

Tan Gloves

12 points

Apocalypse Crate

8 points

Br Wearables Crate

30 points

Get Free H1Z1 Skins at GamersNab.H1Z1 is one of the top rated game in Steam. It is a free-to-play game but you need to Purchase its skins. Gamers Nab.com is a site where you can get H1Z1 Skins for free by earning points through offers or survey.

2015 Invitational Crate

132 points

H1z1 Wearables Crate

16 points

Marauder Crate

114 points

Wasteland Crate

6 points

Predator Crate

6 points

Ezw Crate

4 points

Alpha Launch Crate

6 points

Vigilante Crate

8 points

Ronin Crate

4 points

H1z1 Invitational Crate

896 points