How to get Free PUBG Skins

Step 1: Make a free account

Step 2: Earn Points

Step 3: Redeem Your UC.


Free Skin Type

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Search From PUBG

Fever Crate

5.1 points

Triumph Crate

3.4 points

Equinox Crate

3.4 points

Desperado Crate

3.4 points

Trifecta Scar L

3274.2 points

Lightbringer Shirt

136 points

Turquoise Delight P1911

703.8 points

Cowboy Hat Brown

1914.2 points

Snake Skin Sneakers

93.5 points

Pioneer Crate

2157.3 points

School Shoes

100.3 points

Slacks Blue

78.2 points

Leather Hoodie White

9523.4 points

Leather Hoodie Black

8483 points

Biker Pants Gray

246.5 points

Floral Shirt Black

1484.1 points

School Jacket

1278.4 points

Silver Plate Ump9

710.6 points

School Shirt Open

431.8 points

Military Cap Black

1346.4 points

Denim Shirt With Necktie

134.3 points

Coat Camel

935 points

Coat Gray

1018.3 points

Mandarin Jacket Blue

576.3 points

Princess Power Tank Top

741.2 points

Female Tuxedo Jacket Purple

715.7 points

Silver Plate Tommy Gun

100.3 points

Battle Belt

583.1 points

Leather Bootcut Pants

717.4 points

Tracksuit Top

681.7 points

Desert Digital M416

1788.4 points

Zest Retro Jacket

462.4 points

Gold Plate Sawed Off

83.3 points

Desert Digital Kar98k

1014.9 points

Silver Plate S1897

453.9 points

Zest Silk Scarf

1502.8 points

Suede Aviator Cap

32.3 points

Mesh Polo Shirt

8.5 points

Padded Jacket Gray

74.8 points

Paddy Cap

37.4 points

Retro Polo Shirt

11.9 points

Long Sleeved Leather Shirt

550.8 points

Camo Padded Jacket

119 points

Camo Cap

595 points

Zest Turtleneck White

28.9 points

Zest Loafers With Socks

171.7 points

Trifecta P92

51 points

Trifecta Micro Uzi

161.5 points