Free TF2 Items in 2021-

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Free Skin Type

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Strange reader s choice

100 Points

Killstreak conscientious objector

405 Points

Genuine tomb readers

332 Points

Vintage bill s hat

3,655 Points

Genuine balloonicorn

648 Points

Haunted dark helm

219 Points

Unusual taunt skullcracker

3,058 Points

Civic duty mk ii minigun field tested

14 Points

Coffin nail shotgun field tested

29 Points

Autumn shotgun field tested

27 Points

Lil bitey

112 Points

Strange rotation sensation

180 Points

Haunted horned honcho

53 Points

Strange tsar platinum

325 Points

Haunted cryptic keepsake

94 Points

Killstreak gloves of running urgently

61 Points

Haunted tuque or treat

112 Points

Siberian facehugger

172 Points

Legendary lid

476 Points

Nutcracker minigun minimal wear

22 Points

Strange fur lined fighter

121 Points

Coffin nail minigun well worn

12 Points

Genuine merc s pride scarf

797 Points

Unusual taunt flippin awesome

3,777 Points

Mann co painting set

879 Points

Dressed to kill minigun minimal wear

22 Points

Genuine prinny machete

384 Points

Genuine merc medal

85 Points

Genuine prinny pouch

46 Points

Strange pocket santa

53 Points

Strange killstreak shotgun

202 Points

Dressed to kill shotgun well worn

17 Points

Dressed to kill minigun well worn

15 Points

Killstreak shotgun

75 Points

Haunted grand duchess tutu

235 Points

Flower power shotgun field tested

27 Points

Nutcracker minigun well worn

14 Points

Unusual magnificent mongolian

3,500 Points

Taunt burstchester

1,309 Points

Brain candy minigun field tested

31 Points