How to Counter PUDGE Dota 2

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In the popular video game Dota 2, "pudge" refers to a strategy employed by some players in which they try to make their opponents as uncomfortable as possible. There are a few different ways to counter pudge in Dota 2.

One way to counter pudge is to try and take away his farm. The farm is the term used to describe the act of killing creeps, or computer-controlled characters, for gold. If a pudge player is denied farm, it will be much harder for him to get the items he needs to be effective. Another way to counter pudge is to simply outlast him. Pudge players rely on their opponents to make mistakes.

If you can play patiently and make fewer mistakes than your pudge-playing opponent, you will eventually win.

Finally, you can try to bait the pudge player into making a mistake. This can be done by feigning weakness or by playing aggressively when you are actually quite strong. If the pudge player takes the bait, you can then punish him for it.

If you are playing against a pudge player, remember that you have options. With a little bit of thought and patience, you can counter pudge and come out ahead.

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