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Wings of twilight shade

24 Points

Helm of the haunted lord

228 Points

Sleeves of the lumini polare

66 Points

Pauldron of the hellsworn

26 Points

Sigil of the spiteful eye

121 Points

Shield of the night grove

5 Points

Mask of the gifted jester

17 Points

Mantle of the spiteful eye

58 Points

Bracers of the endless plane

9 Points

Off hand baton of the spiteful eye

78 Points

Helm of the endless plane

78 Points

Mantle of the glacial magnolia

15 Points

Shade of the spiteful eye

369 Points

Hellsworn construct

469 Points

Mantle of the gifted jester

12 Points

Baton of the spiteful eye

27 Points

Gauntlets of the hellsworn

17 Points

War helm of the baleful reign

22 Points

Shards of the baleful reign

24 Points

Shawl of the lumini polare

15 Points

Dagger of twilight shade

10 Points

Cloak of the haunted lord

87 Points

Bracers of the haunted lord

10 Points

Cape of the gifted jester

60 Points

Pelt of the hinterland stalker

7 Points

Prow of the swooping elder

14 Points


31 Points

Siege of the Arctic Hall

374 Points

Autographed Bow of the Hunt Eternal

17,000 Points