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Exalted blades of voth domosh

6,649 Points

Exalted feast of abscession bundle

5,765 Points

Exalted tempest helm of the thundergod

5,690 Points

Exalted demon eater

5,335 Points

Exalted the timekeeper golden loading screen

10 Points

Exalted pauldrons of the timekeeper

374 Points

Exalted swine of the sunken galley

3,970 Points

Exalted fractal horns of inner abysm

11,960 Points

Exalted great sage s reckoning

4,539 Points

Exalted feast of abscession

4,689 Points

Exalted bladeform legacy

4,993 Points

Exalted frost avalanche

4,777 Points

Exalted manifold paradox

5,931 Points

Exalted call of the bladeform legacy

180 Points

Elder the defense season 2 war dog

42,604 Points

Elder deflector of the stormlands

95 Points

Elder timebreaker

3,947 Points

Elder cruel diretide

24 Points

Elder announcer death prophet

32 Points

Elder mighty boar

17 Points

Elder staff of faith

5 Points

Legacy enduring war dog

133,040 Points

Legacy mighty boar

62,062 Points

Legacy stumpy nature s attendant

155,759 Points

Legacy trusty mountain yak

102,850 Points

Legacy fearless badger

94,964 Points

Legacy morok s mechanical mediary

146,348 Points

Chestplate of the Guardian Construct

17 Points

Yulsaria's Mantle

43 Points

Staff of Gun-Yu

85 Points

Baneful Devotion

85 Points

Profane Union

60 Points

The Barren Vector

77 Points

Chaos Fulcrum

68 Points

Orb of Deliverance

85 Points

Pledge of the Dragon's Disciple

25,500 Points

Crimson Cyrridae

60 Points

Hunter's Dawn Furs

26 Points

The Spoils of Dezun

153 Points

Full-Bore Bonanza

34 Points