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Predator 12g shotgun anti life broken in

415 Points

Rpk light machine gun zulu battle worn stat boost

1,112 Points

Gruber kurz pistol chromed sparrow lightly marked stat boost

1,309 Points

Kross vertex submachine gun vanguard well used

3,239 Points

Brenner 21 light machine gun hubris mint condition stat boost

2,094 Points

Reinfeld 880 shotgun puncture shot mint condition stat boost

408 Points

Gl40 grenade launcher poser bash broken in stat boost

360 Points

Car 4 rifle nitro battle worn stat boost

1,426 Points

The judge shotgun pocket patriot battle worn

806 Points

Matever 357 chico well used

757 Points

Uar rifle spinal tap battle worn stat boost

809 Points

Valkyria rifle smygvarg mint condition

4,066 Points

Nagant sniper rifle coo coo ca choo mint condition stat boost

3,169 Points

Ak17 rifle bloodline battle worn

595 Points

Chimano custom pistol gluckseliger uberfall broken in stat boost

369 Points

Thanatos 50 cal sniper rifle beta 2 mint condition stat boost

780 Points

Izhma 12g shotgun brain bucket mint condition stat boost

1,197 Points

The judge shotgun pocket patriot mint condition

2,706 Points

Ove9000 saw loading battle worn stat boost

408 Points

Vulcan minigun spraying roses lightly marked stat boost

3,444 Points

Hrl 7 rocket launcher dinomageddon mint condition stat boost

1,870 Points

Stryk 18c pistol offensive monarch battle worn

2,961 Points

M308 rifle heart attack battle worn

2,802 Points

Valkyria rifle wave snake well used stat boost

309 Points

Mark 10 submachine gun skoll lightly marked

172 Points

Castigo 44 revolver the preacher lightly marked stat boost

848 Points

Gsps 12g shotgun damascus battle worn

1,122 Points

Gruber kurz pistol cloakerize lightly marked stat boost

1,287 Points

Joceline o u 12g shotgun dax cqc mint condition

3,249 Points

Signature 40 pistol firmament broken in

4,238 Points

Platypus 70 sniper rifle airship well used

1,547 Points

Kobus 90 submachine gun bullet breakout well used

767 Points

M1014 shotgun vix cqc mint condition

1,250 Points

Street sweeper shotgun the spear of war battle worn stat boost

112 Points

M308 rifle heart attack mint condition stat boost

10,413 Points

Thanatos 50 cal sniper rifle piercing patriot broken in

2,023 Points

Bernetti 9 pistol jack shot mint condition stat boost

3,249 Points

The judge shotgun greed mint condition stat boost

1,673 Points

The judge shotgun check mate well used stat boost

2,275 Points

Gsps 12g shotgun happy cynic well used stat boost

1,200 Points