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Platypus 70 sniper rifle airship well used

1,547 Points

Kobus 90 submachine gun bullet breakout well used

767 Points

M1014 shotgun vix cqc mint condition

1,250 Points

Street sweeper shotgun the spear of war battle worn stat boost

112 Points

M308 rifle heart attack mint condition stat boost

10,413 Points

Thanatos 50 cal sniper rifle piercing patriot broken in

2,023 Points

Bernetti 9 pistol jack shot mint condition stat boost

3,249 Points

The judge shotgun greed mint condition stat boost

1,673 Points

The judge shotgun check mate well used stat boost

2,275 Points

Gsps 12g shotgun happy cynic well used stat boost

1,200 Points

Crosskill pistol the harvest broken in stat boost

468 Points

Commando 553 rifle howl well used

3,057 Points

Amr 16 rifle helvete battle worn

5,331 Points

Chimano custom pistol liten skit mint condition stat boost

190 Points

Chicago typewriter submachine gun royal order lightly marked stat boost

716 Points

Izhma 12g shotgun brain bucket broken in stat boost

881 Points

Lion s roar rifle masai mint condition stat boost

1,481 Points

Micro uzi submachine gun hati mint condition stat boost

967 Points

Kobus 90 submachine gun overskill mint condition stat boost

3,038 Points

Raven shotgun evergreen mint condition stat boost

347 Points

Commando 553 rifle howl broken in

4,100 Points

Bernetti 9 pistol 8 ball broken in stat boost

842 Points

Falcon rifle the axiom mint condition stat boost

1,707 Points

Mark 10 submachine gun headhunter lightly marked stat boost

4,770 Points

Leo pistol efflux broken in

1,965 Points

Akimbo deagle pistols geri and freki lightly marked stat boost

11,383 Points

Commando 553 rifle howl mint condition stat boost

22,792 Points

Plainsrider bow the link battle worn stat boost

5,423 Points

Locomotive 12g shotgun carpet bombing battle worn stat boost

9,598 Points

Akimbo chimano custom pistols tribal feud mint condition stat boost

35,845 Points

Akimbo krinkov submachine guns assassin well used stat boost

36,761 Points

Clarion rifle commemore battle worn stat boost

3,800 Points

R93 sniper rifle grenade repellant battle worn stat boost

4,597 Points

Gsps 12g shotgun damascus well used stat boost

4,167 Points

Signature 40 pistol firmament well used

5,557 Points

Signature 40 pistol polisgris broken in stat boost

483 Points

Lion s roar rifle masai lightly marked stat boost

2,047 Points

Uar rifle spinal tap lightly marked stat boost

2,756 Points

Akimbo compact 5 submachine guns sioux mint condition stat boost

7,256 Points

Krinkov submachine gun gray hunter well used stat boost

826 Points