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Specialized killstreak nutcracker mk ii loose cannon field tested

269 Points

Masked mender mk ii stickybomb launcher well worn

48 Points

Polar surprise claidheamh mor field tested

170 Points

Unusual alien tech claidheamh mor field tested

10,985 Points

Kill covered claidheamh mor field tested

23,797 Points

Strange unusual salty dog

37,264 Points

Hana grenade launcher well worn

192 Points

Backwoods boomstick mk ii scotsman s skullcutter factory new

107 Points

Strange unusual spirit of the bombing past

8,422 Points

Cardboard boxed loose cannon minimal wear

70 Points

Pizza polished stickybomb launcher battle scarred

1,627 Points

Strange specialized killstreak bedouin bandana

14,183 Points

Professional killstreak macabre web mk ii loch n load minimal wear

1,246 Points

Mosaic loch n load field tested

666 Points

Killstreak dead reckoner mk ii loose cannon battle scarred

250 Points

Strange festivized specialized killstreak star crossed stickybomb launcher factory new

3,737 Points

Strange smalltown bringdown mk ii persian persuader battle scarred

733 Points

Specialized killstreak autumn grenade launcher field tested

439 Points

Strange specialized killstreak cabin fevered grenade launcher field tested

2,956 Points

Festivized killstreak blitzkrieg stickybomb launcher factory new

617 Points

Unusual specialized killstreak towering pillar of hats

32,523 Points

Strange professional killstreak silver botkiller stickybomb launcher mk ii

2,305 Points

Neo tokyo stickybomb launcher field tested

66 Points

Strange killstreak nutcracker mk ii loose cannon field tested

473 Points

Strange professional killstreak festive chargin targe

1,301 Points

Strange professional killstreak splendid screen

2,956 Points

Strange uranium grenade launcher field tested

1,853 Points

Macaw masked stickybomb launcher factory new

1,853 Points

Star crossed iron bomber factory new

394 Points

Mannana peeled iron bomber battle scarred

37 Points

Specialized killstreak night owl mk ii iron bomber factory new

570 Points

Uranium grenade launcher minimal wear

211 Points

Killstreak hazard warning loose cannon minimal wear

513 Points

Specialized killstreak bonk varnished grenade launcher minimal wear

984 Points

Specialized killstreak dovetailed stickybomb launcher minimal wear

590 Points

Specialized killstreak hazard warning loose cannon field tested

590 Points

Anodized aloha scotsman s skullcutter field tested

24 Points

Pizza polished persian persuader battle scarred

49 Points

Strange specialized killstreak civic duty mk ii loose cannon well worn

4,877 Points

Hazard warning iron bomber battle scarred

126 Points