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Unusual stately steel toe

3,927 Points

Strange flammable favor

162 Points

Strange killstreak phlogistinator

281 Points

Backwoods boomstick shotgun battle scarred

29 Points

Unusual taunt the victory lap

6,062 Points

Killstreak reserve shooter

60 Points

Strange killstreak backburner

221 Points

Killstreak festive shotgun

162 Points

Pestering jester

224 Points

Unusual old guadalajara

5,035 Points

Strange airtight arsonist

109 Points

Unusual bot dogger

5,984 Points

Civic duty mk ii flame thrower field tested

14 Points

Civil servant mk ii shotgun minimal wear

12 Points

Haunted scorched skirt

168 Points

Strange polar pullover

211 Points

Civic duty mk ii shotgun field tested

12 Points

Civil servant mk ii flame thrower field tested

14 Points

Unusual dead cone

4,228 Points

Haunted one way ticket

100 Points

Haunted accursed apparition

136 Points

Civil servant mk ii powerjack minimal wear

14 Points

Civic duty mk ii degreaser field tested

17 Points

Unusual prancer s pride

3,740 Points

Strange bot dogger

102 Points

Unusual taunt pool party

5,333 Points

Haunted up pyroscopes

83 Points

Black knight s bascinet

202 Points

Genuine specialized killstreak ham shank

209 Points

Strange merc s pride scarf

785 Points

Haunted mucous membrain

53 Points

Strange bonedolier

213 Points

Unusual taunt yeti smash

3,155 Points

Pyro the flamedeer

632 Points

Unusual taunt the schadenfreude

5,413 Points

Strange apparition s aspect

600 Points

Unusual shred alert

3,631 Points

Strange nasty norsemann

124 Points

Rustic ruiner shotgun field tested

32 Points

Haunted unidentified following object

182 Points