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Get free TF2 Scout Items unusual bonk boy by completing easy offers or survey. The Bonk Boy is a community-created promotional item for the game Team Fortress 2. It is a melee weapon that functions identically to the default Bonk! Atomic Punch, with the only difference being its visual appearance. It was released as part of the Über Update. The Bonk Boy is a large metal canister with a small handle on the top, resembling a fire extinguisher.


The canister is painted red and silver, with a large Team Fortress 2 logo printed on the front. On the back of the canister is a small yellow sticker with the words "Unusual" printed in black. When equipped, the player will make a distinctive "bonk" sound when hitting enemies with the canister. The Bonk Boy was created by Valve employee Matt MacLaurin as a promotional item for the game's Über Update.


It was later revealed that the item was originally going to be called the "Über Extinguisher", but was renamed to the Bonk Boy due to the potential for confusion with the in-game item of the same name. The Bonk Boy is a popular item among the Team Fortress 2 community, due to its unique appearance and sound effect. It is frequently used

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