Free PD2 Skins

To get Free PD2 Skins, Earn points by completing offers or survey. Exchange them into PayDay 2 Skins.

Free Skin Type

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Leo pistol pogo time battle worn stat boost

207 Points

Izhma 12g shotgun hagelbrak well used stat boost

187 Points

Micro uzi submachine gun hati battle worn stat boost

326 Points

Bernetti 9 pistol brown river lightly marked

1,472 Points

Car 4 rifle fade zebra mint condition stat boost

4,956 Points

Falcon rifle the axiom lightly marked stat boost

2,805 Points

Bernetti 9 pistol buckle hunter well used stat boost

1,974 Points

Krinkov submachine gun gray hunter lightly marked stat boost

1,530 Points

Ak rifle gold vein well used stat boost

517 Points

Hrl 7 rocket launcher hope of ashes well used stat boost

729 Points

R93 sniper rifle death from above well used stat boost

1,006 Points

Akimbo castigo 44 revolvers monterrey battle worn

4,835 Points

Raven shotgun admiral mint condition

19,025 Points

M1014 shotgun vix cqc battle worn stat boost

1,137 Points

Akimbo crosskill pistols grim reapers broken in

930 Points

Akimbo crosskill pistols stampede broken in stat boost

277 Points

Ak 762 rifle big bad broken in stat boost

330 Points

Kobus 90 submachine gun pro touch mint condition stat boost

478 Points

Mark 10 submachine gun skoll mint condition stat boost

748 Points

Jp36 rifle perimeter secure mint condition stat boost

1,443 Points

Lion s roar rifle masai well used stat boost

558 Points

Joceline o u 12g shotgun dax cqc broken in

1,669 Points

Buzzsaw 42 light machine gun meat slicer battle worn stat boost

928 Points

Chicago typewriter submachine gun wiseguy well used stat boost

177 Points

Clarion rifle yggdrasil battle worn stat boost

833 Points

Ak rifle reptilian russkie battle worn stat boost

326 Points

Hrl 7 rocket launcher hope of ashes broken in stat boost

289 Points

Predator 12g shotgun sunshine surprise mint condition stat boost

403 Points

Valkyria rifle smygvarg lightly marked

2,222 Points

Valkyria rifle smygvarg broken in

1,870 Points

Thanatos 50 cal sniper rifle piercing patriot battle worn

3,070 Points

Falcon rifle middle finger handout lightly marked

4,928 Points

Predator 12g shotgun anti life battle worn stat boost

758 Points

Gsps 12g shotgun motherload broken in stat boost

66 Points

Ak rifle sad almir mint condition stat boost

3,681 Points

Izhma 12g shotgun blue tundra battle worn stat boost

53 Points

5 7 ap pistol the master lightly marked stat boost

202 Points

Commando 553 rifle hang loose lightly marked stat boost

374 Points

Signature 40 pistol firmament mint condition

16,420 Points

Jp36 rifle perimeter secure lightly marked stat boost

719 Points