Free TF2 Items in 2021-

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Strange shin shredders

258 Points

Strange spooktacles

184 Points

Unusual salty dog

8,034 Points

Unusual conjurer s cowl

3,740 Points

Unusual scotsman s stove pipe

3,934 Points

Haunted guano

146 Points

Unusual company man

7,278 Points

Civil servant mk ii stickybomb launcher battle scarred

15 Points

Macabre web stickybomb launcher field tested

32 Points

Civic duty mk ii iron bomber field tested

15 Points

Unusual taunt yeti punch

2,926 Points

Night owl mk ii grenade launcher factory new

51 Points

Plaid potshotter mk ii stickybomb launcher factory new

27 Points

Unusual cyborg stunt helmet

3,526 Points

Haunted horsemann s hand me down

408 Points

Strange half zatoichi

131 Points

A well wrapped hat

119 Points

The chill chullo

77 Points

Summer claim check

14 Points

Genuine mk 50

187 Points

Genuine hardy laurel

66 Points

Genuine hitt mann badge

39 Points

Strange silver botkiller stickybomb launcher mk i

48 Points

Vintage noble amassment of hats

173 Points

Treasure hat

309 Points

Genuine baronial badge

32 Points

Genuine freedom staff

85 Points

Genuine heroic companion badge

37 Points

Genuine bolgan

70 Points

Manniversary package

408 Points

Demoman s fro

112 Points

Sledder s sidekick

255 Points

Festive chargin targe

41 Points

Genuine that 70s chapeau

173 Points

Vintage hustler s hallmark

156 Points

Strange carbonado botkiller stickybomb launcher mk i

43 Points

Vintage demoman s fro

124 Points

Genuine mask of the shaman

39 Points

The croaking hazard

90 Points

Vintage towering pillar of hats

240 Points