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Butcher bird grenade launcher well worn

31 Points

Strange pithy professional

82 Points

Autumn mk ii stickybomb launcher factory new

19 Points

Strange socked and loaded

196 Points

Strange killer exclusive

507 Points

Bedouin bandana

1,613 Points

Killstreak bat outta hell

88 Points

Strange unusual private eye

4,712 Points

Strange galvanized gibus

527 Points

Unusual taunt square dance

4,566 Points

Unusual rimmed raincatcher

3,579 Points

Butcher bird grenade launcher minimal wear

37 Points

Macabre web stickybomb launcher minimal wear

43 Points

Civic duty mk ii stickybomb launcher well worn

12 Points

Unusual taunt the high five

3,988 Points

Unusual taunt kazotsky kick

8,318 Points

Unusual carouser s capotain

3,543 Points

Killstreak half zatoichi

119 Points

Strange specialized killstreak stickybomb launcher

371 Points

Unusual taunt the victory lap

6,062 Points

Plaid potshotter mk ii grenade launcher factory new

27 Points

Killstreak claidheamh mor

63 Points

Unusual bot dogger

5,984 Points

Strange antarctic eyewear

102 Points

Strange polar pullover

211 Points

Haunted squid s lid

131 Points

Haunted accursed apparition

136 Points

Haunted one way ticket

100 Points

Unusual taunt oblooterated

2,474 Points

Unusual elf esteem

3,473 Points

Haunted lordly lapels

75 Points

Genuine specialized killstreak ham shank

209 Points

Strange bonedolier

213 Points

Strange merc s pride scarf

785 Points

Strange bot dogger

102 Points

Unusual taunt yeti smash

3,096 Points

Civil servant mk ii loose cannon field tested

14 Points

Blitzkrieg stickybomb launcher minimal wear

41 Points

Strange specialized killstreak loose cannon

949 Points

Strange specialized killstreak half zatoichi

405 Points