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Dressed to kill stickybomb launcher well worn

15 Points

Genuine tomb readers

332 Points

Strange specialized killstreak grenade launcher

462 Points

Strange festive chargin targe

272 Points

Genuine balloonicorn

648 Points

Vintage bill s hat

3,655 Points

Haunted dark helm

219 Points

Strange private eye

94 Points

Genuine scotsman s stove pipe

138 Points

Unusual taunt skullcracker

3,058 Points

Coffin nail stickybomb launcher minimal wear

22 Points

Lil bitey

112 Points

Strange rotation sensation

180 Points

Strange bomber s bucket hat

99 Points

Haunted cryptic keepsake

94 Points

Coffin nail grenade launcher well worn

29 Points

Haunted tuque or treat

112 Points

Dragon slayer grenade launcher factory new

342 Points

Strange patriot peak

510 Points

Strange woolen warmer

221 Points

Strange gold botkiller stickybomb launcher mk ii

245 Points

Unusual hot dogger

5,510 Points

Unusual human cannonball

6,919 Points

Unusual killer exclusive

10,659 Points

Vintage half zatoichi

258 Points

Strange killstreak half zatoichi

257 Points

Unusual noble nickel amassment of hats

6,462 Points

Specialized killstreak conscientious objector

445 Points

Strange rump o lantern

100 Points

Strange bomb beanie

170 Points

Strange dark falkirk helm

512 Points

Civic duty mk ii loch n load field tested

17 Points

Civil servant mk ii stickybomb launcher well worn

12 Points

Unusual towering pillar of hats

6,018 Points

Strange blood botkiller stickybomb launcher mk i

207 Points

Strange prehistoric pullover

413 Points

Coffin nail grenade launcher battle scarred

29 Points

Plaid potshotter mk ii grenade launcher field tested

20 Points

Strange killstreak persian persuader

78 Points

Killstreak eyelander

153 Points