Free TF2 Items in 2021-

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Strange specialized killstreak loch n load

184 Points

Blasted bombardier stickybomb launcher well worn

31 Points

Genuine crown of the old kingdom

128 Points

Strange lil bitey

272 Points

The dayjogger

561 Points

Strange boxcar bomber

163 Points

Unusual taunt zoomin broom

3,959 Points

Unusual noble amassment of hats

6,033 Points

Haunted headtaker s hood

134 Points

Autumn stickybomb launcher field tested

29 Points

Robin walkers

809 Points

Unusual blast defense

3,606 Points

Strange universal translator

83 Points

Strange well rounded rifleman

462 Points

Genuine prinny hat

133 Points

Carpet bomber stickybomb launcher well worn

34 Points

Haunted sackcloth spook

100 Points

Unusual taunt rock paper scissors

3,460 Points

Strange mustachioed mann

508 Points

Strange snow sleeves

476 Points

Haunted candleer

46 Points

Strange chill chullo

182 Points

Unusual taunt spent well spirits

1,938 Points

Strange bird man of aberdeen

462 Points

Unusual universal translator

5,641 Points

Rooftop wrangler stickybomb launcher battle scarred

27 Points

Unusual taunt conga

5,372 Points

The aztec warrior

670 Points

Haunted transylvania top

63 Points

Strange dark age defender

473 Points

Killstreak stickybomb launcher

95 Points

Haunted parasight

71 Points

Haunted haunted hat

525 Points

The snowmann

405 Points

Strange ornament armament

151 Points

Strange flashdance footies

248 Points

Haunted manneater

168 Points

Unusual sober stuntman

3,740 Points

Strange reader s choice

100 Points

Killstreak conscientious objector

405 Points