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804 Points

Genuine companion cube pin

31 Points

Strange stickybomb launcher

34 Points

Vintage scotsman s skullcutter

17 Points

Genuine crosslinker s coil

39 Points

The tundra top

41 Points

Genuine king of scotland cape

46 Points

Genuine wilson weave

43 Points

Genuine k 9 mane

39 Points

Vintage pain train

12 Points

Vintage eyelander

19 Points

Summer shades

153 Points

Bill s hat

724 Points

Genuine menpo

39 Points

Vintage chargin targe

15 Points

Vintage scottish resistance

14 Points

Vintage pyrovision goggles

19 Points

Mann co store package

41 Points

Secret saxton

14 Points

Carpet bomber stickybomb launcher minimal wear

43 Points

Legendary lid

476 Points

Killstreak splendid screen

145 Points

Genuine merc s pride scarf

797 Points

Mann co painting set

879 Points

Unusual taunt flippin awesome

3,777 Points

Scot bonnet

206 Points

Genuine prinny pouch

46 Points

Genuine prinny machete

384 Points

Dressed to kill stickybomb launcher minimal wear

19 Points

Genuine merc medal

85 Points

Storm stompers

112 Points

Genuine buck turner all stars

1,117 Points

Strange pocket santa

53 Points

Strange killstreak stickybomb launcher

180 Points

Civil servant mk ii stickybomb launcher field tested

12 Points

Coffin nail grenade launcher field tested

27 Points

Aerobatics demonstrator

37 Points

Rooftop wrangler stickybomb launcher well worn

27 Points

Taunt burstchester

1,309 Points

Strange coldsnap cap

192 Points